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About Us

About UsShanghai Gong Zi Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (former Shanghai Air Gun Factory established in 1957) is the oldest airgun manufacturer in China. With more than 60 years of growth, we have developed into the biggest and most professional airgun company in China. Till today our company has 60 years of experience in manufacturing and selling airguns and accessories with “Industry brand” and “SAG” brand airguns, ammunition and outdoor accessories.
Industry Brand is famous worldwide and has a good reputation for good quality. “SAG” is known as the first class products. Over the past few years,SAG has achieved name recognition by many top class distributors and individual clients all over the world.
We make airguns powered by spring, CO2 and Gas Ram. All these airguns can be classified into match guns and sporting guns. According to the different ways of cocking, spring powered air guns can be categorized into break barrel,underlever and side lever.
This following catalog shows our various air gun products, ammunition and outdoor accessories along with their descriptions and specifications.Hope you will enjoy it.
About Us