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Air Rifle Match Gun AR2079B

basic information
Product description
● Competition air rifle for junior shooting training is powered by CO₂
● Bolt-Action and single shot
● Competition Diopter Peep sight and interchangeable front sight insert
● Filled from tank by standard G1/2 tank-connecting device,which can be connected with the tank of the paintball marker,such as the Ф50/9oz,CO₂tank is made in USA
● Sleek competition style European beech wooden stock with ventilated rubber butt plate
● Adjustable trigger for both pull and travel
● Manual safety
● Carry plastic case is optional
● Doesn't include CO₂tank
Item Caliber
Scatter Accuracy
Muzzle Velocity
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Trigger Force
AR2079B 4.5 ≤8 180 970 560 10-20 3.5
AR2079B (with case) 4.5 ≤8 180 970 560 10-20 3.9
Item Stock Sight Packing
AR2079B Beech Diopter Peep 5 108.5X20X40 24.5 19.5  
AR2079B (with case) Beech Diopter Peep 4 108.5X36X29.5 30.5 19.5  
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